Stupid Hackathon



A one-day, small-batch artisanal event where participants conceptualize and create projects that have no value whatsoever, organized by Stephanie, Derek, and Nienke.

The first ever Stupid Hackathon Amsterdam was held on August 13, 2016. We're very proud of our stupid participants, who came up with amazingly stupid ideas. Scroll down for videos and GitHub repos!

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August 13


Olivier, Arseniy, Felix, Aafke, Steven, Pauline, Angele, Charles, Thomas, Lukas, Breyten, Gina, Ecem, Vladimir, Pieter, Roy, Yannick, Michèle, Lars, Anne, You Yue, Vincent, yy, Stefan, Gijs, Lorenzo, Davide, Saskia, Tonći, Carlos


All videos can be found here.


PokeMongo by Pauline
A useless wrapper for the standard MongoDB class made out of Pokemon references. Watch the video!

Sammify by Breyten
Load images like it's 1997. Watch the video!

12 y/o calculator by Derek and yy
A calculator my 12 year old self would be proud to own. Watch the video!

Geolize.css by Nienke and Stephanie
Geolize is a lightweight CSS reset that renders standard HTML and CSS elements like it's 1999. Watch the video!

Chrome Extensions by Aafke, Michèle and Lars
A Chrome extension that renames your bookmark titles to food-related items, an extension that replaces every 25th link you visit with a Rickroll and an extension that will make tabs yell at you when you move them around! Watch the video!

Schnitzelizer Chrome plugin by Lucas
Replace all images in your browser with delicious schnitzel! Watch the video!

Make Shit Great Again by Tonći
A poop tracking app. Share your bower movements with the world! Watch the video!

AirBrush&Brush by Davide
Share your toothbrush with the world. Watch the video!

Not Looking App by Vladimir and team
An app that tells you if you're looking at your phone or not. Watch the video!

Alone-A-Phone by Felix
Listen to your favorite music while simultaneously subjecting the people around you to Trump's speeches. Watch the video!

Creepee30 Facebook Chatbot by Felix and team
"You smell good. You have beautiful eyes." A nice guy Facebook chatbot. Watch the video!

Wakey Wakey app by Lorenzo
An Android app that will make your phone scream when you hold it. Cannot be uninstalled. Watch the video!

Facebook For Me Only by Lorenzo
What if you could have your own personal Facebook? Watch the video!

Train Delay Check by Charles
A Facebook bot that tells you which train is most delayed by station, so you'll always have top bragging rights. Watch the video!